[VIDEO] Live in Paris FULL H.D film

Live in Paris full H.D film is a part of YEARS IN A DAY collector release.

A 2hour film captured in 2016 at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris.
For physical limited editions please visit : www.cultofluna.com

Setlist :

The Sweep
Light Chaser
I: The Weapon
Waiting for you
Marching to the Heartbeats
Back to Chapel Town
And with Her Came the Birds
Dark City Dead Man

“ An outstanding visual, musical and sensory experience. One of the most beautiful live shows to be captured in the past 20 years. Nothing less ”

“The apocalyptic celebration of an exceptional band”

"Immersive and mesmerising, 'Years In A Day' shows Cult Of Luna's unstoppable ascent to the post-metal summit."

"Visually and sonically breathtaking from one of today's most impressively uncompromising bands! What you get here is a two hour victory march of power, intensity and raw emotions that will probably leave you exhausted, quivering and joyful!"

"A shattering visual feast of iconoclastic proportions, Years in a Day couldn‘t be further from your mediocre live DVD. It is mind-bending and apparent proof that Swedish Post Metal titans Cult Of Luna really are as good as they say. Especially when unleashed upon a stage.“

"CULT OF LUNA takes us on a trip through time, and enchants us with ethereal sounds, brooding atmosphere and an emotional interplay of light and shade…it’s a must-see!”

“A brutal hypnosis of light and sound. Cult Of Luna unleash a thrilling trip into the subconscious.”

”Cult Of Luna’s ability to completely hypnotize you from the stage, entrance, teleport one elsewhere, is hard to beat.”

"A veritable display of strength, further cementing Cult of Luna’s position as one of the greatest hard rock bands of today".

“Years In A Day serves both as a visually and sonically stunning documentation of a band at their peak, and as a fitting bookend on a remarkable second act in their career.”
Jonathan Selzer, Metal Hammer UK

“This is alive- anti structure genius performance hits the a high bar - my feeling is that they're built to inspire the world to go deeper into the dynamics of creativity. Live DVD smokes!”
Ross Robinson (Producer)

“A trippy, tactile, stage show -- filmed with the precision of a David Fincher thriller -- Years in a Day is a psychedelic document of one of progressive metal's most unique bands.”
Max Frank, Gear Gods

“Listen up, brainiac: Your headspace will never truly be transformed without the input of Cult Of Luna.”
Jason Pettigrew, Alternative Press

“Cult of Luna's thunderous soundscapes bring to mind Pornography-era Cure as often as they do Neurosis. Their inventive songwriting incorporates elements of doom metal, Krautrock, and hardcore, resulting in a nuanced sound unlike any of their peers, that never lingers too long in any given territory.”
Sonny Kay (GSL/ The VSS/ Angelhair)

"I'm no stranger to using tracks, but it's really refreshing to see a band that isn't afraid to have humans play their instruments live. The attention to detail and presentation is so badass. You can tell every component of the audio and visuals is well thought out and really important to them. It really translates and I think that is what makes the best bands. Especially live."
Cody Votolato (The Blood Brothers/ Head Wound City)

“Brutally oppressive and visually stunning, Years In A Day is a sonic masterpiece.”
Rob Moran (Unbroken/ Narrows)

"Years in a Day is a study in chic post-metal whose lesson is not in how such an exercise is properly done, but that only Cult of Luna could execute with such devastating grace."
Albert Mudrian, Decibel